Monthly Archives: November 2009

Pay your CPA less by using QuickBooks daily

New to Business?  There is no need to be afraid of finances, QuickBooks is user friendly.  MJB’s Office Solutions can teach you how install QuickBooks for your business and how to use it.  Every Company file has a chart of accounts that may include the following:  your bank accounts; credit card accounts; asset accounts like land and building; equity accounts for investors; various income accounts such as sales, interest, reimbursements;  and expense accounts for whatever you need to track for your business.

The Item List is your collection of services, product offered, any tracked inventory items, discounts, payments, subtotals, or misc. charges you use to create invoices, receipts, purchase orders etc.

You can set up your regular Customer and Vendor information, create invoices, enter bills, and manage daily transactions easy as a download from your bank.  If you have any questions about QuickBooks, please comment or email me at

Is your Business bugged by seasonal illness?

This is a new economy, and the landscape of “traditional” staff resources perhaps is due for a re-analysis as well, especially during the flu season and other staff related absences.  Due to the unresponsiveness of the traditional employment resource agencies, I and similar breadwinners, have launched their own home-based businesses…mine is MJB’s Office Solutions with the assistance of SCORE,Ventura Chapter(  The 25 years of office administration has proven to be an asset to small businesses, startups and non-profits who need the office duties covered so that they can build the business.

This is the time to reach out and support the Ventura County economy and its residents by using the talented resources that reside locally. After all, if one is ill, does one really want to work from home, and will they have the strength to do so and meet the Company’s expectations? Furthermore, parents working remotely due to family illness may understandably divert attention to the immediate family need. So, why not investigate other temporary staffing resources within Ventura County?