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Easy Ways to Save Money Part Six

Here are the last five tips in MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions series to help you save some money.  Let us know how we did, and feel free to share your ideas with us in this blog, on Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.

26. Trade in video games. If you are a gamer or have kids with an Xbox, we all know the $60 game that was the hottest thing you could own last month has all but been forgotten about in favor of the next. Game Stop will buy used games in-store, or you can try listing them on

27. Have movie night with Redbox or Netflix.  Redbox lets you rent movies for $1 per day — and with Netflix, you can watch as many movies as you want for a small cost per month.  You can save a bundle.

28. Switch to generic prescriptions. Making the switch from name-brand to generic prescriptions can save you thousands per year on the cost of medication, as well as co-pays.  As your doctor to prescribe generic.

29. Go generic on food and cosmetics. You know there’s no real difference between Cheerios and Safeway Toasted Oats, so why pay an extra $4 per box? Same goes for most drugstore makeup.  Sure, a few products are hit or miss, but overall, switching to generic brands when shopping can save 20 percent or more.

30. Order your glasses online. You don’t have to buy your frames from your optometrist’s office. After an eye exam, take your prescription and shop online for a deeply discounted pair of frames. There won’t be any friendly assistant to ensure they fit just right, but hey, you’re saving serious dough!

Easy Ways to Save Money Part Five

MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions is always looking for great ideas

to share, especially as we enter the Holiday Season.  Let us know how

these tips are working for you.  MJB’s puts the pieces together for a

balanced bookkeeping solution, and helps you generate

extra funds for the Holidays!

21. Use an HSA. If medical expenses are eating up your monthly budget, look into opening a health savings account (HSA). These accounts allow you to deposit pre-tax money, much like a 401(k), to be used to cover out-of-pocket medical costs. Restrictions apply, so find out if you qualify.

22. Start an Ebay or Amazon store. You can sell just about anything on the internet.  If you have old books or DVDs, you can sell them on Amazon and bring in money each month.

23. Collect your debts. Someone probably owes you money. Time for them to pay up.

24. Try bartering. People really do exchange goods and services instead of cash, and they are saving a ton of money on everything from haircuts to child care.

25. Sell your unused gift cards. It’s essentially cash just sitting around untouched — sell gift cards you haven’t used and put the money in your savings account.

Easy Ways to Save Money Part Four

Who knew there were so many options for saving?

16. Cancel your PMI. If you purchased your home with less than a 20% down payment, you may have gained enough equity by now to cancel expensive private mortgage insurance.

17. Have a yard sale. This takes time, but it’s really worth the trouble once you clear your house of clutter and have extra cash in your pocket.

18. Transfer your credit card balance. If you have several credit cards with high interest rates, seek out a company offering a promotional 0% balance transfer and move your existing balance to the new card. The catch: You have to pay off your debt during the introductory period or you’ll be back at square one.

19. Go meatless once a week. You don’t have to live off of tofu to save money, but swapping two meat-based meals a week to vegetarian options will save a ton on food costs.

20. Buy your jeans at a discount retailer.   Don’t pay retail for designer jeans or other clothes, go to the outlet malls or stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington, Nordstrom Rack and Loehmanns, where clothes are  usually discounted by at least $100.

Have you come up with some other ideas?  Please share them with MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions

Easy Ways to Save Money Part Three

Hope you have been following our previous posts on ways to saving money.  MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions is here to help you make “Cents.”

11. Go on a “fiscal fast.” Don’t spend any money for a week. You will save far more than just $100.

12. Take on a freelance assignment.  Whether you’re a great writer, designer, tailor or have any other skill people pay for,  share your services to earn a quick $100 this month.

13.  Make a list before heading to the grocery store. Don’t go hungry.  It’s amazing how planning a list of purchases before each weekly shopping trip will prevent you from coming home with an extra bag filled with items that not only ring up the bill, but probably aren’t very healthy choices.

14.  Quit smoking. You don’t need me to explain the financial benefits of quitting.

15.  Buy a water filter.  Bottled water is an expensive product, and you should not refill those bottles.   Invest in a water filter like Brita, or use the filtered water from your refrigerator.  Make sure to change the refrigerator filter every 6 months.

Easy Ways to Save Money Part Two

Welcome back to more ideas on ways to save money.  Perhaps these ideas will spark other tips in your mind for saving.

6.  Skip the bars this weekend. Going out can get very expensive, instead of spending the money, pick a Friday or Saturday night to stay in, order take out and have some friends over, each bringing along their favorite refreshment.

7. Clean your own house. If you have someone else clean your home for you, try cleaning up after yourself just once a month — you’ll save a lot of cash and gain a greater appreciation for all your house cleaner does for you.

8. Put a freeze on your gym membership. How many of us really use that gym membership we signed up for in January?  If you aren’t using it weekly, cancel it.  Or if you go once in a while, freeze your membership instead of cancelling it. This will allow you to resume your fitness routine in the future without having to pay sign-up fees again.

9. Buy your plane tickets a month early. Booking last minute travel is an easy way to pay an extra $100 or more. If you know you will be traveling for the holidays, buy your tickets now.

10. Refinance your mortgage. Mortgage rates keep falling, and those who financed their homes even just a few years ago might cut a couple of percentage points off their interest rate by refinancing. That translates to big savings on the monthly mortgage payment.

Easy Ways To Save Money-Part One

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you should be saving money — I think we’re all aware of that by now. In an economy where most people don’t have piles of extra cash just sitting around, waiting to be funneled off into a savings account, what you could use are some real tips for actually finding the extra cash to put away.

The next few blogs will be dedicated to 30 Ways to Save you Money.  Let’s start with the first five below;

1)      Pack your lunch-we’ve heard this before, but it does save a bundle in the long run.  You can average $100 a month if you limit your eating out to a couple of times a week.

2)      Borrow a dress/suit. How often do we buy a new dress or suit for that night out or conference dinner and never wear it again.  Depending on your social life or business, this can get very expensive.  Unless you plan to wear that garment several more times in the future, it’s not really worth the expense. If you have an event coming up, just borrow a nice outfit from a close friend or rent one for the day — yes, ladies, you can rent dresses.

3)      Clean out your closet. You know you have clothes in the depths of your closet and dresser drawers that will never be worn again. If you have some fairly nice stuff, you can take it to a consignment shop in your area for cash on the spot. Tip: Washing and hanging everything nicely will increase your chances of making a sale.

4)      Let your roots show. Getting your hair professionally colored is ridiculously expensive. If you dare, perform your own at-home touch up, or simply wait eight weeks instead of four.

5)      Add an automatic transfer. Here’s an easy way to save without cutting a single expense: Set up an automatic transfer of $25 per from your checking account to your savings account. I guarantee you won’t miss the money.

To Be Continued in the next blog