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May 2014 – Re-Group and Move Forward

Dear Friends,

These days, it seems like what we see on the News brings mixed messages.  Trust your Business Instinct,  and Plan for what is True for You.  Contact SCORE in your area for  Mentoring, and let MJB’s Bookkeeping know how to assist you. Our Newsletter is linked below.

Inside This Issue…
Mind Games: Three Ways Our Brains Fool Us About Money
Jim Rohn: Since you’re not a tree…
You’ll never guess which two countries have been at war since WWI.
The back page: Sudoku and Funny Bone… “The Very First Case”

Lately, I have received SPAM emails, and Solicitating emails.  Please be advised, YOU will be blocked and reported.

May2014 MMM


Marla J Blanchard