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April 2014 – Change Your Present to Change Your Future


Thank you so much for stopping by.  So, how’s the weather where you are?  We are not able to control the changing weather patterns across the world, however, we can change the direction of their business or individual future.  Now is the time to ask tough questions, and gain insight for a potentially brighter future.  I hope this issue will provide helpful information.  PLEASE let me know what other topics might interest you.

 Inside This Issue…

  •  The simple way to get abetter night’s sleep to wake up feeling better and more productive.
  •  Who is really getting “gifted” when you buy gift cards?
  •  A big news event from last year that should really happen much more often (lucky us!).
  • The back page: Sudoku and Funny Bone… “What do you have?”

 MMM April 2014

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Marla J. Blanchard
MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions