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How To Maintain Peak Financial Health

We all know the importance of getting that annual checkup to maintain good physical help. Well the same could be said for our financial health as well and now that we are almost halfway through 2015, now is a good time to start focusing on our financial vital statistics to see if and how they can be improved for better health in 2016.

In future blog posts, we will put the following topic under the microscope and examine each one more closely to find the strategies and resources so that you can effectively make healthy financial decisions in order to maintain your own financial well-being.

  1. Review Your Budget
  2. How’s Your Emergency Fund
  3. Get Your Annual Credit Report
  4. Evaluate Your Debt Payoff Strategy
  5. Renegotiate Your Bills (i.e. cable, phone, insurance…)
  6. Assess Your Retirement Plan


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