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About MJ


MJ has been crunching numbers and making sense (or cents, if you prefer) out of mathematical conundrums for over 25 years. “I really didn’t like accounting in college, but realized like others I am sure, real life is really the best teacher” MJ admits. Organizing and managing the income and outgo is what MJ is really good at, solving problems for both business and personal accounting needs. “I’ve always been a number-crunching problem-solver, and I guess being a single parent with a tight budget, only reinforced the need.”  Brainstorming and solving financial problems grew on MJ so much, that when she found herself at a crossroads, looking at a mortgage payment, and raising her daughter on her own, she built a business around it. It’s no coincidence that “Solutions” is part of her company’s name. She approaches each client individually and works with them to solve their unique challenges. It’s a part of the job she loves.

MJ is empathetic and resourceful. She’s naturally curious and detail-oriented. Trust, confidentiality, and loyalty reside at the front of MJ’s mind. “Client trust is a privilege, and maintaining it is a priority.” But she has a sense of humor too. She was quick to joke that one of her best traits is being left-handed because that means she uses both sides of her brain when problem-solving (and hence, double the benefit!).

MJ’s favorite time of the day is in the morning when she can sip coffee from her favorite mug, be inspired by the sunrise glow, and plan her day. After a busy day of calls, emails, and client books, She unwinds with a walk with her camera, socializing with friends (Virtually these days), or maybe just putting up her feet and putting on a movie (but not a gory one).

MJ transplanted to Kentucky from California in 2016 with a detailed plan and without knowing a soul, typical of her innate curiosity and detail inclination. She says she was drawn here by the beauty, affordability, and, she adds with enthusiasm, “the seasons!” (She loves the ever-changing weather.) Meeting new wonderful Friends and Clients along the way has solidified it was the right solution.

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