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Your Chief Solutions Officer

MJ –

First of all, she’s not called Mary Jane. (That’s a popular misconception for MJs.) Our MJ stands for Marla Jewel, and she’s been crunching numbers and making sense (or cents, if you prefer) out of mathematical conundrums for over 35 years. You may expect her to be a math geek or to get a big kick out of sudoku (that’s a popular misconception about bookkeepers), but she defies that stereotype too.

“I really didn’t like accounting in college,” MJ admits. Nor does she seek out math puzzles for fun in her spare time today. What MJ does like – and is really good at – is solving problems, real-life problems. “I’ve always been a number-crunching problem-solver, and I guess when I was a single parent and had to keep tight budgets, it just grew on me.”

Brainstorming and solving financial problems grew on MJ so much, that after 25 years in the insurance and financial industry, when she found herself laid off, looking at a mortgage payment, and raising her daughter on her own, she built a business around it. It’s no coincidence that “Solutions” is part of her company’s name. She approaches each client individually and works with them to solve their unique challenges. It’s a part of the job she loves.

MJ is empathetic and resourceful. She’s naturally curious and detail-oriented. But trust, confidentiality, and loyalty reside at the front of MJ’s mind. “Client trust is a privilege, and maintaining it is a priority.” But she’s funny too. She was quick to joke that one of her best traits is being left-handed because that means she uses both sides of her brain when problem-solving (and hence, double the benefit!).

MJ’s favorite time of the day is in the morning when she can sip coffee from her favorite mug, watch the sun come up, and plan her day. When she’s not working, she enjoys taking road trips (the preferred mode of transportation for the truly curious and interested traveler), reading or watching mysteries and science fiction. She’s been throughout the contiguous United States, and also Hawaii, Puerta Vallarta, and Cozumel, Mexico.

MJ transplanted herself to Kentucky from southern California in 2016. She says she was drawn here by the beauty, affordability, and, she adds with enthusiasm, “the seasons!” (She loves the ever-changing weather.)

The perfect evening for MJ after a busy day of phone calls, emails, catching up client books, and processing payroll and taxes, is getting away from the computer, socializing with friends, or maybe just putting on a movie (but not a gory one).

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