Our Value

Your work hard, passion and commitment go into creating value for your customers.  You want to know if you are getting paid for your hard work, how much, when your money is coming and going, and most importantly what’s left for you.  Accountancy is all about the numbers – your business’s numbers.

MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions has a proven track record of over 11 years of accuracy with our clients, and over 25 years working in financial corporations assisting with budgets and strategic planning.  What this means to you is that you can spend your valuable time generating sales, while we focus on your business finances. Read our testimonials.

You have many choices when selecting a bookkeeping service. What sets us apart is our personal commitment to you, passion for accountancy and accuracy, believing in the value you provide the world, our broad range of business client types and sizes served, and expertise in QuickBooks and Zoho Books software platforms.


Call and make an appointment today for your no obligation consultation to a clearer business economic path. Together, we’ll create  a solution for your business or personal accounting need.


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