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About MJ

MJ has been helping clients make sense of financial challenges by expertly crunching numbers. “I wasn’t a big fan of accounting in college,” she confesses, “but like many, I learned that real-life experience is the best teacher.”

With extensive experience managing income and expenses, MJ is highly skilled in solving accounting issues for both businesses and individuals. “I’ve always had a knack for details and problem-solving,” she says. “Being a single parent on a tight budget only reinforced my need to help others.”

As she continued to sharpen her brainstorming and financial problem-solving skills, MJ chose to leverage her knowledge to benefit small business and personal bookkeeping needs. MJ takes each client on an individual journey, tailoring solutions to their unique challenges. She loves the puzzle of it all and tackles each one with enthusiasm and passion.

It’s no fluke that “Solutions” is in her company’s title. She tackles every client’s problem like a puzzle, piecing together personalized solutions.  That’s one of the things she loves most about her job.

When it comes to her work, MJ is guided by trust, confidentiality, and loyalty. She understands that earning and maintaining the trust of her clients is a privilege and takes that responsibility seriously. Her attention to detail and natural curiosity are just a few of the traits that make her so resourceful. But don’t let her serious demeanor fool you – she has a great sense of humor too. MJ jokes that being left-handed is one of her greatest qualities, due to the fact that the two hemispheres of her brain are more closely connected, resulting in twice the brain, twice the fun.

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