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The Federal Reserve

What Everybody Ought To Know About The Federal Reserve

Many factors contribute and affect the health of the financial world (not to mention our personal financial microcosm) like war; natural or weather disaster; psychology, theory, market greed, emotion, and panic; pandemic; civil unrest; and even complacency.  Somehow, a solution emerges, we learn, we adapt, and we find a way forward. The Federal Reserve is the third central banking system in United States History, regulating financial institutions and managing the safety, flexibility, and stability of the monetary system.

Doing More With Less – Tips For the Smallest Business

We are in this together so here are some personal and business ideas we are using as we move forward. The “new normal” will be different from what we have been used to, and our priorities will change, however, our collective entrepreneurial spirits will find new solutions for these new times.

Meetings with MJ – Virtually Yours

We are all in this together, and at MJB’s we want to do our part. Can we assist you with the heart of your business? Even if you have never needed to hire an external bookeeper resource, bookmark MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC for the future.

Do You Find this Time of Year Taxing?

Tax time is no one’s favorite time of year, so what I’m about to suggest may sound loopy, but hear me out. What if instead of “doing” our taxes once a year, we spread out the joy and “did” them every month?