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Backed By Science, Taking Control Helps Reduce Stress

The New Year is upon us and we have a fresh start to take control of our finances and make changes for the better.  If you’re feeling the looming pressure of getting your books together and filing your taxes, you’re not alone. Nearly every major news outlet will be having videos and articles offering advice for dealing with stress caused by tax time, this year enhanced by you know what! (Just Google “tax season stress” and you will see what I mean.)

But if you’re getting this note from me, help is closer than you think. MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC is your solution for bookkeeping stress relief—and not just at tax time, but year-round too! We offer both personal and professional bookkeeping services and there’s still time to get on our schedule before that dreaded date in April.

We can help you:

  • Organize your records and make sure your books balance
  • Calculate Payroll/1099/Sales tax
  • Implement a new system to make tax time easier next year

Whether you need someone to come in and do the books, help with the books, or teach you how to do them, we’re here for you. Click Here to get started on finding the right solution for you.