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Is Benjamin Franklin Hiding In Your Office or Home?

  In this fast paced and busy world,  it is easy to overlook how much is being spent,  and where.

To avoid potential ‘surprises’, why not create the helpful habit of  reviewing the Company and Family budget monthly, isolating the items that are ‘Wants’, and not what is ‘Needed’ for operation or survival.  Work at cutting these ‘Want’ costs using the following suggestions:

  • Scale back the Cable/Satellite plans
  • Compare Telephone and Cell plan costs
  • Will bundling plans save?
  • Water Cooler or filtered water system
  • Office equipment leases
  • Teleconference instead of Travel
  • Turn off lights when room not in use
  • Use fans instead of AC when possible
  • Shorten the shower
  • Monitor the lawn and garden watering. Is the water is running down the sidewalk?
  • Eat out less, brown bag when possible
  • Check for discounts and coupons before you purchase

These are just a few ideas, however, at the end of the month you might just find Benjamin Franklin smiling back at you.

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