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Easy Ways to Save Money Part Three

shopping cart savings

Hope you have been following our previous posts on ways to saving money.  MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions is here to help you make “Cents.”

11. Go on a “fiscal fast.” Don’t spend any money for a week. You will save far more than just $100.

12. Take on a freelance assignment.  Whether you’re a great writer, designer, tailor or have any other skill people pay for,  share your services to earn a quick $100 this month.

13.  Make a list before heading to the grocery store. Don’t go hungry.  It’s amazing how planning a list of purchases before each weekly shopping trip will prevent you from coming home with an extra bag filled with items that not only ring up the bill, but probably aren’t very healthy choices.

14.  Quit smoking. You don’t need me to explain the financial benefits of quitting.

15.  Buy a water filter.  Bottled water is an expensive product, and you should not refill those bottles.   Invest in a water filter like Brita, or use the filtered water from your refrigerator.  Make sure to change the refrigerator filter every 6 months.