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Easy Ways to Save Money Part Five

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MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions is always looking for great ideas

to share, especially as we enter the Holiday Season.  Let us know how

these tips are working for you.  MJB’s puts the pieces together for a

balanced bookkeeping solution, and helps you generate

extra funds for the Holidays!

21. Use an HSA. If medical expenses are eating up your monthly budget, look into opening a health savings account (HSA). These accounts allow you to deposit pre-tax money, much like a 401(k), to be used to cover out-of-pocket medical costs. Restrictions apply, so find out if you qualify.

22. Start an Ebay or Amazon store. You can sell just about anything on the internet.  If you have old books or DVDs, you can sell them on Amazon and bring in money each month.

23. Collect your debts. Someone probably owes you money. Time for them to pay up.

24. Try bartering. People really do exchange goods and services instead of cash, and they are saving a ton of money on everything from haircuts to child care.

25. Sell your unused gift cards. It’s essentially cash just sitting around untouched — sell gift cards you haven’t used and put the money in your savings account.

MJ, Chief Solutions Officer