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Easy Ways to Save Money Part Two

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Welcome back to more ideas on ways to save money.  Perhaps these ideas will spark other tips in your mind for saving.

6.  Skip the bars this weekend. Going out can get very expensive, instead of spending the money, pick a Friday or Saturday night to stay in, order take out and have some friends over, each bringing along their favorite refreshment.

7. Clean your own house. If you have someone else clean your home for you, try cleaning up after yourself just once a month — you’ll save a lot of cash and gain a greater appreciation for all your house cleaner does for you.

8. Put a freeze on your gym membership. How many of us really use that gym membership we signed up for in January?  If you aren’t using it weekly, cancel it.  Or if you go once in a while, freeze your membership instead of cancelling it. This will allow you to resume your fitness routine in the future without having to pay sign-up fees again.

9. Buy your plane tickets a month early. Booking last minute travel is an easy way to pay an extra $100 or more. If you know you will be traveling for the holidays, buy your tickets now.

10. Refinance your mortgage. Mortgage rates keep falling, and those who financed their homes even just a few years ago might cut a couple of percentage points off their interest rate by refinancing. That translates to big savings on the monthly mortgage payment.

MJ, Chief Solutions Officer