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February 2014 – Optimize and Grow

Happy February Everyone,

Are you experiencing a Business Winter or Spring this second month of 2014?  This month’s newsletter is sure to bring you some ideas and insights to apply, such as:

  • Three marketing lessons from a viral video campaign.
  • Two quick travel expense hacks: are you getting ripped off?
  • How one of history’s wittiest individuals prepared to be so witty.
  • Zig Ziglar: Motivation is like showers.
  • The back page: Sudoku and Funny Bone… Missing what?!

Enjoy a short Break from your business and refresh your mind.  Starting fresh often brings back clarity.

MMM February 2014

Happy Reading, and as always, I welcome your input, and suggestions.

Marla J Blanchard
MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions