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June 2014 – Enjoying Summertime & Staying The Course

Greetings June Wanderers! Every Summer has a story. How will you spend yours?  Will it be a balance of enjoying the great outdoors, planning barbecues,  and allocating activities for keeping children busy?  Make it a safe and fun time, and budget some relaxing/reflective time as a solution for you to thrive.  Grab your Ice Tea or Lemonade and favorite lounging spot and profit!

Inside This Issue…

  •  Common #Savings Mistakes Even Made By Active Savers
  •  A “Quotes to Ponder” tribute to Maya Angelou
  •  You’ll never guess where a girl got lost on New Year 2005…and for how long!
  •  The back page: Sudoku and Funny Bone… “Watch and you’ll see…”

June2014 MMM

Sunny Wishes,
Marla J Blanchard