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Accounting Tasks

As Entrepreneurs and business owners, we face certain risks every day like maintaining reputation, keeping the doors open, finding customers. Some of us wear more than one hat. There is nothing wrong with doing it yourself if you know your limitations.

Once a business informed us that they didn’t need a bookkeeper because:

  • They had all the Clients they wanted
  • The budget was in their head
  • They had no office space for help
  • They had their CPA reconcile 12 months of receipts and statements
  • They had never been audited

If this sounds familiar, are you limiting your growth?

  • What is your time worth
  • If you are doing what you do best, who is minding the business
  • What could you do with hours saved by having a Tribe of experts
  • Are you up to date on Federal, State, and Local Tax requirements
  • Do you have audit proof records

Your business matters especially if it is your livlihood. There is no obligation to see if we can help you know what you may not know. Our light is on for you.