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Savvy Saving for the Cash Conscious

Here are some tips for spending hard earned money wisely.  Please share your ideas for shopping wisely.

  • Buy used instead of new when possible– especially cars- which lose thousands in the first five years; books, toys, exercise equipment and furniture.
    • there are some things you’re better off buying new, including mattresses, laptops, linens, shoes and safety equipment like car seats and bike helmets
  • Avoid impulse buying:  Sleep on the decision to make sure you really need the item. Take time to shop around for the best price.  Check your budget and if affordable, go for it.
  • Save Electricity:Do you know that 40% of electricity is consumed when the appliances are turned off.  Pull the plug on your energy loss by pulling the plug.
    • Or buy a Smart Power Strip (starting at $27.71) which will stop drawing electricity when the gadgets are turned off and pay for itself within a few months.
  • Buy generic:  From groceries to clothing to prescription drugs, you could save money by choosing generic.  In many cases, you won’t sacrifice much in quality.  Advertising and fancy packaging doesn’t necessarily make a better product.
  • Buy at local dollar stores. If you know what to buy, you can find some real bargains.  A great place to shop for Greeting cards, cleaning supplies, small kitchen tools, shampoos and soaps, holiday decorations, gift wrap and balloon bouquets.
  • Compare insurance rates at renewal time:  Re-shopping your auto, home or renters insurance might save you hundreds of dollars.  There might be Agents in this room happy to help you.
  • Free is better:
    • Remember that library card?  Check out books, music and movies for free (or near free).
    • Once every 12 months go to  for free credit report from each credit bureau – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

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