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Meaningful Gift

Giving Presents With Your Presence

The #bestpresents are the ones that are personal, meaningful, and create memories. They don’t have to break the bank. To give the #bestgifts ever with #spending in check, be #intentional and explore the recipients needs, wants, and desires.

‘Tis The Season To Save

What to do if the season dampens your income? Button up your finances with deals from Utility companys, Vendors who may offer skip a monthly payment, no cost Entertainment, and who doesn’t like Coupons! Discover your own seasonal savings and bargains.

Money and You – Need a Time Out?

But what makes us the way we are? Why do we spend how we spend? Save (or not save) as we do? The answer is as simple – or complex – as the reasoning behind everything else we do: we’re fueled by emotions, and we act accordingly, at least the best way we know how.