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Tailored Solutions For You

tailored solutions

Every business or individual is unique and therefore probably has unique accounting and bookkeeping requirements too. Finding a good Bookkeeper with a tailored solutions is like finding a good friend you can relate to and who you can trust. With today’s technology it no longer matters where you or your Bookkeeper are located. What matters is that you are on the same page as to what the accounting need is. Good communication among the parties is key also.

MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC listens first to determine need, and then proposes a tailored solution just for you. Earning trust is key to a good working relationship, therefore we operate by a signed Client Agreement and Non Disclosure to protect both of our interests.

When we speak of tailored solutions this means we base our services on only what assistance you ask for. It could be Payroll, Sales Tax, Ongoing Bookkeeping, Training, Reconciling accounts, setup/cleanup, or some other accounting pain point.

We invite you to take a look at our Google Reviews and our ProAdvisor Profile and then Schedule a complimentary 1-Hour consultation. We look forward to being of service.