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The Ugly Truth About Not Using Agreements

At MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC we value our Clients and Prospects by using an Agreement – an invitation to accountability, security, and open communication.

What are Agreements?

An agreement can be written, oral, or implied from the circumstances, however, a written Agreement between two parties recognizes the responsibilities both commit to fulfill, and is much easier to enforce. This is beneficial for both parties. Why?

Let’s say you hire an Independent Contractor to answer calls and organize your paperwork. You make a verbal agreement and shake on it. A few weeks in, your assistant discovers she dislikes answering the phone, and only organizes your paperwork. You may be losing business and missing out on new business. It is a “your-word-versus-mine” situation. Potential legal claims may arise from ignored Customers. A contract would have squashed this situation, providing accountability, protection and peace of mind.

Flipping the scenario, suppose you are the Independent Contractor. You verbally discuss and agree with the Client concerning work to be performed, payment, and other relevant terms, completing the task as promised in timely manner. Now, the Client claims that this not the work agreed to, and that other work is incomplete. Payment terms are ignored, or they refuse to pay. Without a document of expectations neither of you have a very good claim. Written and clear expectations could have avoided disagreement. Trust me, this does happen. Pursuing Small Claims for a substantial amount may be worth your consideration, otherwise, it will appear as a Bad Debt on your books and perhaps be the motivating factor to always get it in writing.

Agreements keep communication, expectations concise between you and Client, and preserves good working relationships. This is why MJB’s Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC uses them. For our Healthcare Provider Clients and Prospects, a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA Compliance will be signed if a Client requests. The trust, clarity, and peace of mind agreements bring is priceless. We strongly encourage their use in your business partnerships. Visit several online websites like,,, or many others, and combine the best parts to create one applicable to your business.

Are there areas within your business accounting process that need review, or do you have questions about how we assist?  Contact Us and let’s get started on your tailored bookkeeping solution.